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Channelled Messages

Channeled messages are a tool Robin uses to connect to her guides and higher self. Listen to the wisdom they have to share with you. See what resonates today!


These guided meditations are a way to shift your perspective and bring clarity to you. Discover the one that you need to shift your perspective.

Exclusive Trainings

Author Robin Pollak has been teaching intuition & speech for years. Enjoy complimentary access to her EXCLUSIVE pre-recorded workshop, The Frequency Of Joy.

*NEW* Podcast

This is not your usual podcast. Author Robin Pollak uses this podcast to provide channeled messages that are connected with her book trust your intuition and allow you to shift your perspective and gain clarity.

Amplify Your Intuition

Be a part of the Author Robin Pollak’s private & free Facebook community. When you’re in this group of like-minded spiritual enthusiasts, you will get behind-the-scenes access as well as exclusive offerings & promotions from Robin, especially on Tune-In Tuesdays!

Name Frequency

Do you know that EVERY name has a particular frequency and is destined for its unique journey, or SOUL PLAN? Find out what your birth name or married name means. Create a powerful name for your business, book title & even children or pets!

Intuitive Card Readings

Ever want to know which path to take, how to tap into your own intuition or even ask a higher power what’s holding you back? Whatever your burning question is, Robin is a highly sought-after and skilled card-reader taking appointments to guide you today!

Become A Private client

No one has to take their path alone. Author Robin Pollak has been called your “Sped-Dial To The Universe” for a reason. With her 1-1 guidance, your able to uncork your signature blend of Magic and learn how to amplify YOUR intuition & maximize results!

Intuition Quiz

Ever wonder if there’s a superpower to unlocking your own personal form of magic? When you unlock your intuitive power, you can create all that your heart desires. Take the quiz to learn which intuitive power can propel you to the next level.

Animal Communication

You made a contract with your pet to be with you in this lifetime. Pets are here to help support you. This session, in the “Treat-Seat” with your special furry baby, will connect with your animal to pull forward some insight to get a sense of your relationship. 

"It’s the perfect time to let go of old stories and indulge in what you love. Whether it be collecting rocks or shells at the beach, gardening, hiking, or singing. Do what you LOVE.”

Robin Pollak, Author

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