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When you purchase Trust Your Intuition, you’ll gain access to the Trust Your Intuition magic portal stashed with bonus resources designed to assist you as you amplify your connection to your authentic self.


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Through Robin's teaching & personal stories, you will discover new ways to deepen your connection to yourself and to a higher purpose.


The work throughout this book allows you to gain clarity over what it is that you would like, and create magical ways to draw it in.


You won't have to wait long to "see it in order to believe it" because, with the help of this book, your daydreams can become reality.


Becoming your authentic self requires one of the hardest things, trusting yourself. This book helps you to do that in new ways.

Reader's Favorite


“When something doesn’t feel right, it just isn’t, and when something does, you know it. Robin Pollak’s Trust Your Intuition is a self-help guide to assist readers in learning to trust their innate wisdom. We all have intuition but quite often harbor doubts and refuse to back ourselves.
According to Robin, we need to nurture the part that allows us to have trust and faith and recognize our value and worth. Tap into your intuitive wisdom and couple it with what you’ve learned from books or lectures to live a life of fulfillment. At the end of each chapter, there are supporting affirmations and inspirational quotes that highlight the topics discussed. Using personal anecdotes and real-life stories, the author offers creative ways to achieve stillness within yourself and allow your intuition to flourish.

Trust Your Intuition is an illuminating book that sheds light on how people can use their inherent gifts and merge them with aspects of what they have learned from experience and by-the-book learning to live an authentic life they can be proud of. Robin Pollak’s smooth writing style makes the narrative sail past without any hurdles, and you find yourself immersed in the content from the outset. The narrative is accessible and engaging to read. What I liked most about the book was that you don’t have to do something extraordinary to apply the tools and insights that the author shares, just bring a slight shift into your perspective of how you approach life.
Highly recommended.”

“Robin is A MASTER of helping people tap into their own personal wisdom and MAGIC! This book is an epic guide for those ready to strengthen their spiritual connection.”

| Patricia Fors, co-founder of Muse Literary |


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